I've gone and bought this crappy CX500, with the intention of making something that looks a bit better! Hopefully the maggot won't turn into a fly!

Not only is this my first attempt at a blog! but it's also my first attempt at creating a"custom" motorcycle!! I don't really know what I'm doing in either case, so we'll see how it goes.

You'll have to look at the photo below to see why I chose the 'maggot'!.........see something good can be found in everything!!

Wrenchmonkees CX

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Slow again!

Things have slowed down again! but I have received a few goodies recently! 

I decided to include a couple of sensible upgrades, one is to convert to an electric fan instead of the direct bolt on fan, to release loads of extra horses!! (yeah right!) so a fan from a VFR750 has duly been purchased, and is waiting to be bolted to the radiator. 

I also decided to replace the aged CDI unit with a modern replcement. Thanks goes to Cobram of the CX/GL Forum http://cx500forum.com/ who organised a group buy at a good discount from the standard price, although I did get stiffed by customs for an extra 20 quid tax!

There is a connection that allows you to plug the unit into your PC & screw up the progamming/mapping or whatever you call it!! They even provide the software on a CD that lets you screw it up!! LOL

This weekend I'm hopefully visiting a mate round the corner who is going to let me loose with his MIG welder, & try to do a couple of the little welding jobs that need doing to frame!

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