I've gone and bought this crappy CX500, with the intention of making something that looks a bit better! Hopefully the maggot won't turn into a fly!

Not only is this my first attempt at a blog! but it's also my first attempt at creating a"custom" motorcycle!! I don't really know what I'm doing in either case, so we'll see how it goes.

You'll have to look at the photo below to see why I chose the 'maggot'!.........see something good can be found in everything!!

Wrenchmonkees CX

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Latest news

I've had the seemingly usual one step forwards two steps back! After I sprayed the frame it took absolutely ages to dry, & it ended up looking more gloss than the satin black I wanted! So I went back to the paint supplier who gave me a new tin of paint, but that meant that I had to rub down all the parts again! I got some time over the Christmas break & have now re-painted everything & it looks a lot better!!

Still, during the intervening period I've cleaned & re-built the carbs, had some parts powder coated, & fitted a stainless steel mesh to the front of the radiator:

Lastly, my 'office' has a new name:

My youngest daughter bought me it for Christmas as I always say 'I'm off to the boudoir' when I go to the shed!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Latest progress....

Started painting today, probably not the best time of year! but at least it was relativley warm if a bit windy! (there are 80mph winds forcast for later on!)

The frame prepped & ready for paint:

Pleased with that!..

Did the swinging arm at the same time...

Might be able to start putting it together soon!!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ramblin' on

I have sorted out the majority of the wiring runs & located the main electrical comonents in their new positions.

I  trimmed & mounted the rear mudguard & knocked up a new back light & numberplate mount from an old Lucas unit. Don't think it came out too bad!

I'm now getting to the stage where I need to paint the frame so that I can start putting it together finally!!


Picked up a replacement front brake master cylinder complete with lever for eight quid!  It has a remote resevoir & adjustable lever which is quite cool!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Frame more or less sorted!

As I said in the last post, the new frame wasn't quite as it was described in the ebay advert....

 ... this supposedly was just a small hole in the rear footrest hanger, as you can see though, it goes right through into the frame.

I wanted to remove the hangers anyway, but the frame obviously needed repairing, so I cut out the rotted part & formed some backing pieces for added strength & to give some reinforcement to help stop the arc blowing through....

I then cut a section of good tube out of one of the old frames I had, & using my trusty arc welder welded it in place....

Quite pleased with that! Fortunately the other side wasn't as bad, just having some surface rust which was treated & smoothed off.

I trimmed other surplus bracketry, cut the top frame & re-styled the ends so they follow the lines of the rear shocks & the seat, hopefully it'll look a bit better that just lopping the ends off. A plate for mounting the electrics under the seat was added plus some other bits & bobs, a quick dust over with red oxide to cover the bare metal & I have to say that I'm chuffed with the result....

Now I'm going to start the dry build & sort out the wiring & mounting the electrical components.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Here's Johnny!!

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!

I can't believe how fast it's gone, despite which I haven't made enormous progress which is rather disappointing. 

Still in the last six months my eldest daughter has split up & got back together with her boyfriend several times, & she's started a new job. My youngest daughter has finished her exams & is now on holiday for the next three months until she starts sixth form. And my wife & I had our 25th wedding anniversary plus it was my birthday last weekend!

The project suffered from the dreaded lack of motivation, following the acquisition of a new 'perfect' frame of eBay which as you guessed wasn't. 
That pissed me off somewhat! but I've started to get back into it over the last few months. Using my new found welding skills!!! (ha!) I patched a hole in the frame & am now carrying out the mods to get me back to where I was all those months ago.

So watch this space, hopefully it won't be another six months before my next post!!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Hello again!

Well here I am, back again!

The project has been stalled somewhat due to the frame problems. Hopefully I may have resoved it. I've scored a frame off evailbay for a reasonable cost, & the seller says it's solid! so fingers crossed!

It's due here tomorrow (Tuesday) then maybe we can get the show back on the road, Yayyy!!