I've gone and bought this crappy CX500, with the intention of making something that looks a bit better! Hopefully the maggot won't turn into a fly!

Not only is this my first attempt at a blog! but it's also my first attempt at creating a"custom" motorcycle!! I don't really know what I'm doing in either case, so we'll see how it goes.

You'll have to look at the photo below to see why I chose the 'maggot'!.........see something good can be found in everything!!

Wrenchmonkees CX

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Trials & Tribulations

This weekend has been a bit up & down. I started Saturday off a little fed up as the more I looked at stuff the more I saw was crap! Both sets of forks are fubared, a lot of the parts are in poor condition, & I was starting to think 'what the hell have I bought!!'

Best have a cuppa & get on with it then!!

Firstly mounted the mini speedo I picked up from the 'bay of fools' for less than a tenner! although I'm going move it to the center which means relocating the ignition switch.
(Yes that bloody awful headlamp will be going!)
Mr Angle-Grinder & I had an afternoon appointment & we whooped the front mudguard into rough shape, starting to feel much better now!
Today (Sunday) I set about sorting how to hide the electrics & mounting the battery. The CDI unit, fuses, & little regulator will all sit on a plate under the seat, 
The main regulator is going to be mounted on the frame backbone, under the tank,  There is a big gap & it should get plenty of airflow.
The starter solenoid & indicator relay will be mounted on the top engine mounting plates.
I mocked up the battery support out of some copper pipe, to get the rough shape & position that I want & fabbed up a bracket to mount the battery strap.

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